Review: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Ignite me - Tahereh Mafi

I finished reading Ignite Me one week ago, and I am still in love with it. It was the perfect conclusion to this amazing trilogy.

In my reviews of Shatter Me and Unravel Me, I explained that I was still not seeing the amazing heroine that everyone claimed Juliette to be. I think in those two books, she was kind of pathetic. Yes, she had been through a lot, but she wasn’t willing to work through her pain at all. She was simply content to cry and curse the world for the cards it had dealt her, but then did nothing to change any of that. I am more than happy to say that I finally, finally saw a noteworthy heroine in Juliette in Ignite Me. She finally took a stand for herself, finally took responsibility, finally stopped crying, finally stopped blaming. She finally became that kick-ass girl that I had always wanted her to be. I was fist-bumping the air when she made the hard decisions that she’d always needed to make. And she made all the right ones, too.

We still don’t know where her (or anyone else’s) powers come from, and that irks me to no end. I need information. Was it the result of some kind of inhumane testing? Something in the weird chemicals that have ruined the earth? I would have liked to finally had these questions of mine answered.

Again, I’m not entirely aware of the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and hows The Reestablishment, and I am kind of annoyed. I want a back-story! I want information! Why are they so bad? How did everyone come to sit under their ruling thumb? I just wanted it explained to me once and for all.

The love triangle, as expected, finally came to a close in Ignite Me, and I could not be happier with the outcome. I truly think that Juliette made the best decision for her – the decision that would in no way hold her back or influence her decisions in a negative way. I’m extremely happy, and I shall leave it at that.

As for the constituents of the love triangle. Adam. WOAH. WOAH. What happened to you, boy? Where was that sweet knight in shining armour that we saw in Shatter Me? Granted, I hadn’t been a fan of you since your horrible train of thought in Fracture Me, but you fell so far from your place in my heart, there’s nothing for you to go back to. Jerk.

Warner. Warner. WARNER. *sings* Warner. If you cannot tell, it’s a bit obvious whose ‘team’ I am on. Seriously, if you’re looking for reasons why Warner is amazing, and doesn’t just involve my singing his name, please check out Kayla’s post . My wife has done an excellent job in bringing incoherent thoughts into an amazingly emotional essay. I’ll still say some things about him, though. Warner was raised under the watch of the most brutal man in practically the entire world. I am so extremely proud of him for not turning out as a carbon-copy of his father. Yes, he may have gone about some things the wrong way, but when all he has been taught is 100x worse than what he brought about, I think he showed quite a stellar level of self restraint. Warner’s ability to disregard the awful preconceptions of his nature and personality of practically all those who surround him astounds me. And his endless love, and the lengths he is willing to go for Juliette. Well, what can I say except that it’s truly beautiful.

I cannot think of much more to add other than that Ignite Me is the best book in this series, and if you haven’t read it yet … I urge you to. If not only for Chapter Fifty Five and many proceeding it.

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