Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

A copy of this novel was provided by Bloomsbury Australia for review.


I went into Heir of Fire with a tiny bit of trepidation. I was not the biggest fan of Throne of Glass, but I really liked Crown of Midnight, and fervently loved The Assassin’s Blade. Where would Heir of Fire fit? Would I go back down the path of ‘not the biggest fan’, or would I continue to really like this series?


Well, I can tell you now that I love this series, and that Heir of Fire was fantastic. To hell with trepidation!


Seriously, though, I freaking adored Heir of Fire. It’s long, but I didn’t even realise because I was just devouring it every second that I could. Heaps of stuff happens in Heir of Fire, and I’ll touch on them all. LIST, LIST, YAY FOR LISTS.


- We’re introduced to new characters. A whole heap. But the ones who really matter are Rowan, Aedion and Manon. I wasn’t sure about Manon in the beginning. I kind of felt like she was just a way to make the book longer because who really cares about the Ironteeth heir? I certainly didn’t. But then I did. A few things happen regarding Manon and by the end I was a fan of her badassery and I can TOTALLY see her and Celaena being those best friends who just bitch at each other all the time. I just hope she doesn’t disappoint in future books.


Aedion. *bites lip* Uhm. Yep. I will take one of those, please and thank you. He’s freaking GORGEOUS AND WHY DO I WANT TO CREATE EVERY MALE IN THIS BOOK AND TAKE THEM HOME?


Rowan. ROWAN. Be still, my beating Fae heart. Seriously. I just. Cannot. With all the sexy men that Maas keeps creating. I CANNOT SHIP ALL THE SHIPS (by which I mean hell yes I can ship all the freaking ships because I SHIP ALL THE FREAKING SHIPS IN THIS BOOK). Rowan is the sexy Fae prince we have all been waiting for, and he certainly did not disappoint in sass and suaveness and everything that makes me asdfghjkl.


- Dorian is pretty much the most amazing little prince in the world and I just *screeches* I want to wrap him in a blankey and take him home.


- Chaolaena isn’t in the book. I hated this. I ship this one most of all, and this book just broke my heart (my hull?) with its lack of Chaolaena. They have to end up together. THEY HAVE TO.


- Shit goes down. SO MUCH shit goes down. There’s evil beasties and evil kings and evil flashbacks (that did get a little repetitive, I must say).


There’s so much evil in this book it’s amazing. Heir of Fire is just really really really good, okay? JUST READ THE GODDAMNED BOOK, I TELL YA.


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