Book Review: Miyuki (Unusuals #2) by Veronica Bane

Miyuki - Veronica Bane

A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Woah. WOAH. That’s pretty much the only thing going around in my mind after finishing Miyuki. WOAH.


So Mara was a pretty exciting novel. A lot of things happened and there was a lot of drama. Take that and multiply it by one hundred and you get Miyuki.


Everything was action all the time – and it was amazing! There was shock after shock after shock, and drama after drama. But the most amazing thing was that it all flowed really well, and it wasn’t unrealistic in the slightest. It was fast paced and heartbeatingly (new word – hurrah!) good.


There was this one scene and my heart kind of broke and I went through that denial stage of ‘no this did not really happen, did it?’. But it did happen, and I was kind of broken about it. But now, thinking back on Miyuki, there were quite a few of those moments. And I think they are some of the reasons why Miyuki was such a good novella.


I remembered writing in my review of Mara that some of the descriptions of the physical appearances of the characters were lacking. Well that was definitely made up for in Miyuki. I think the descriptions of the characters was ace this time around, and I was not left wondering for one moment what a character looked like. Bane definitely upped her game.


The ending. THE ENDING. I need the next Unusuals novella in my life right now! Everything was so hectic and there are characters that I am worried about and there’s the unknown future ... I just need to know what happens!


Miyuki is a fantastic read. Fast, action based, storyline rich – Miyuki is not one to miss.


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