Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

A copy of this novel was provided by Plume via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. And was subsequently purchased because of amazingness.


I’d heard a lot about Rainbow Rowell’s books; namely Eleanor & Park, and more recently Fangirl. I hadn’t heard much about Attachments, and now I am left wondering why because as soon as I finished it, it catapulted itself into that barely reachable, highly sought after, and unquestionably fantastic place on my favourites shelf.


I cannot say much, but inevitably will end up saying a lot, about how perfectly amazing I think Attachments is. How much it made me feel, how much I connected with it. This book is very muchy, and I am simply in love with its muchness.


One thing that I found fantastic about Attachments, which isn’t saying a lot because I found almost every thing fantastic about Attachments, is how it’s written. It’s an adult book, with adult characters, yet it’s written in that witty connecting way of contemporary young adult novels. There were no boring ‘oh woe is my life because I am an adult’ passages, and it had all the magic that YA books have. And then some.


The characters. Where do I even begin to talk about the characters in this book?

We have Lincoln, and I guess we could say he is our protagonist. A little on the weird side, awkwardly adorable, still broken over his high school girlfriend, and living at home with an incredibly eccentric mother – Lincoln. This is where the loss of words comes. How can I explain to you my incredible love for Lincoln, or how incredible he is as a character, and how he well and truly attached himself to my heart with grapple hooks and will most likely never set it free? How can I explain how much I identified with him, not only because he’s been through similar experiences, but because of the way he thinks and the way he feels? How can I explain how he is so imperfect that he is truly the perfect character?


And then we have Beth and Jennifer. Two women who are hilarious, and yet broken all at the same time. Who use snark to hide their true feelings, and who sometimes believe that what they have is enough, even though it is so far below ‘enough’. Who I wish I could meet and spend time with because they are the kind of girls that would follow you to the ends of the earth if you needed them to, and who would be the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Who I love with all my heart.


But beyond these characters is an amazing story. A story about so many things, it could really be described as novel of stories. Of finding one’s self and letting go and opening up and breaking down and rising again. These stories are so true to life, and incredibly heartfelt and sincere. And also quite heartbreaking.


I am not known to get emotional over very many books. There’s fangirling galore, but that’s different. When I get emotional about a book, when a book makes my eyes well up with tears, when a book has to be near me because I need it there – that means it’s special. And Attachments did all these, and then some.


I simply cannot say anything else to convince you to read this book, except that if you do, I don’t think you’ll regret it. Because I found a piece of myself and a piece of my heart in this book, and I will never forget it.


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