Book Review: Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu

Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu

A copy of this novel was provided Penguin Australia in exchange for an honest review.


I do not cry in books. Before reading Champion, there were only three books that I had ever cried in. Two from my childhood, and The Book Thief. The count has risen to four, and all thanks to Champion.

I cannot begin to express my feelings for this book. Whenever I find a novel that reaches into my heart the way that Champion did, I struggle with words. How do I talk about character development and world building and plot pacing when I could barely see the pages due to the tears rolling down my cheeks? How do I even try and begin to assess the words that have made my heart break, but then sloppily patched it up together? I shall try and find a way.

I have mentioned in my review of the previous Legend books that I adore Day. I think he is the perfect character. Full of strength, and loyalty; bravery, and pain; sadness, and strength; happiness, and sorrow. He is such a well rounded character, it is impossible for me to fault him. I am simply in love with every word that comes out of his mouth, every action he takes. I am hard pressed to try and name another character that has captured my heart so completely. I could not stop the tears whenever something bad happened to Day. He owns my heart; now and forever.

June. Junebug. June is forever thinking of Day. Forever thinking of what she can do to help him. I cannot believe her complete and utter devotion to him. Even when it broke her heart; she did was best by him. Without hesitation. I cried here, as well. June is the epitome of a strong heroine. She is so incredible; I am almost on the edge of idolising her. She is not perfect, she is simply amazing.

The world building was incredible, as was the plot. It was amazing to be introduced to new scenery and countries; it kept the story fresh and new, though I would never tire of the world in the Legend series. The plot was intricate and well thought out, and I found myself making guesses and accusing a wide range of people. There was not one dull second whilst reading the amazing book that is Champion.

I am afraid I cannot go into too much more detail, unless I wanted to spoil this spectacular book. All I can say is that Champion is one of those gems that will sit in my heart for a long time. I can most definitely say that I will go back and read this series; which is a rare thing for me. But I don’t think I have ever loved a character as much as Day, nor a relationship as much as June and Day’s.

I will say that I would have preferred a more cliché ending, if only to appease my romantic side. But I suppose I can imagine what their lives are like after the last word of Champion, and I imagine a life full of happiness and fulfilment, deserving of the incredible characters that they are.

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