Book Review: Prodigy (Legend #2) by Marie Lu

Prodigy - Marie Lu

When I finished Legend, I immediately wanted to start Prodigy. The world that Lu has created in the Legend series is absolutely amazing, and I am so invested in the characters. Legend left me wanting more, and Prodigy was no different.


I rarely get more excited than when unexpected books arrive on my doorstep. One morning I opened my door and there was a huge paper package from Penguin Australia, and inside were Prodigy and Champion. I think I may have squealed in delight. I couldn’t wait to read these novels.


Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed and loved Prodigy, it was missing a bit of the magic of Legend. I liked the introduction of new places and characters; I think it made the story feel fresh and new, even though it was a continuation of where Legend left off. But I missed the June and Day interaction. I love those two together. It is like they are these flawed humans (like us all), and they become so much stronger and so much more when they are together. When they’re apart, they start questioning things, and doubting things, and every minute that they’re not together, I am willing them to be in each other’s presence again, so they can finally just be. There wasn’t enough of this in Prodigy.


In my review of Legend, I stated that I wish there had been more vivid descriptions of Lu’s fantastic world. Well, I could not have asked for more amazing descriptions that those given in Prodigy. The world building was far better than it had been in Legend, and I cannot fault it. The places were described clearly and succinctly, and I could imagine every place that Day and June went easily. I was more than pleased.


When a book is told from two perspectives, you know things that the other character doesn’t know. When this happens, I always want to jump into the book and shake them; tell them the thing/s that they need to know, and then watch them live out their happily ever after. Sadly, that is not possible. For many reasons. But I wish it was. There were constantly situations where June would know some piece of information that Day REALLY needed to know, but didn’t. And then he formed all these assumptions in his head that were wrong, and I just wanted to tell him everything that was going on; and make him understand. I guess the fact that I wanted to do this goes to show just how much Lu has made me care for her characters.


The love I have for Day is one that few have rivalled. I love June, as well, and will get to her in a moment, but Day. Day is so strong and tortured, and perfect. I know no-one is perfect, and Day isn’t really perfect but he is because he isn’t. Look at me, making so much sense. Day is perfect because he isn’t perfect. Lu hasn’t created some unbelievable boy in Day. She has created someone real and down to earth; who struggles and strives for things just the way the rest of the world does. And you can relate to him, even if his circumstances are nothing like your own. But the fact that he can pull through anything gives you hope that you can, too.


June on the other hand is so precise. Her chapters are so clearly defined from Day’s and it’s not just the fact that the font changes between their chapters. Lu has created two characters that are far different, and has managed to portray their internal monologues with precision. I love June’s calculating way of life. She measures everything; she is always so calm and efficient. So aloof and detached from the world. Except when it comes to Day and Metias. I love her love for these boys, and I am always on June’s side. She is so young, but is not fragile in the least. But she’s not superhuman. She still gets sick, and has her doubts. But the way she handles herself is simply amazing.


I am in love with every character that Lu creates. And I love their names! Every name in these novels is amazing, and I find myself coveting them. Day, Anden, Kaede, Elector, Princeps. Not all of them are character names, but names nonetheless. I fangirl over every one of them.


Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Prodigy, and cannot wait to see how June and Day’s story comes to a close in Champion!


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Your Turn: Do you think second books in series live up to their predecessors? Are there some characters that you ship with all your heart and just wait around until they’re on the page together again? Let me know in the comment section below!