Book Review: Hush (Lakeview #1) by Stacey R. Campbell

Hush - Stacey R. Campbell

The premise of Hush sounded really unique and interesting. The book itself … not so much. I found myself forcing my eyes to continue reading Hush, even though the story was unique and interesting. I just wasn’t invested in it.


The book is told from a third person perspective, and I think this diminished our ability to get to know the characters. Yes, we knew the basics of each character that we were introduced to, but I felt as if I didn’t really get to know any of them, and therefore wasn’t really invested in what happened to them.


The writing style used in Hush was very fluid, and was easy to engage in. In general, the chapters were very short, but I found myself liking that. I didn’t feel as if it made the story choppy or hard to follow. I thought that it allowed Hush to focus on more than our main two characters, Blakely and Max. We were able to see chapters from almost every character in the book, and I was appreciative of this insight.


I felt as if the relationship between Blakely and Max moved too fast. I enjoyed their witty and cute banter in the first third or so of the novel, but then I felt that the romantic aspect of their interaction moved a little too quickly. I understand that Hush spans the time of a few months, but I just didn’t see any evidence as to how Blakely and Max came to love each other in such a short amount of time.


As a side note, I would love to read about Blakely’s parents’ story. The prologue in Hush was captivating and I immediately wanted to read about a princess who fell in love with a chauffeur. I mean, that just sounds awesome, right? I would definitely read it, that’s for sure.


I loved the sound of Lakeview Academy, and wished that I had attended a school as awesome as that. It kind of made me jealous that I didn’t experience houseparents, and house dinners, and all the other fun stuff that Blakely and her friends partook in; even if it is a fictional school. I am interested in reading the other Lakeview novels, especially since the second one is about a ghost.


Overall, Hush was a quick and easy read about an everyday girl who finds out that her life includes much more than she ever thought. If you’re one for cute romance and some royal mysteries, I would recommend Hush to you.


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