Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic  (Healer #2) - Maria V. Snyder Some spoilers ahead, you've been warned.
Maria what are you doing to me? You cannot end this book with 'Avry, I'm sorry'!
Arghh, I do not know how I am going to wait x amount of time for the next Healer book.
That aside, this book was so amazing. I love the alternating chapters. Reading about Kerrick was amazing, and I loved his interaction with the tribes. I am interested to see what becomes of that relationship (they have magic too!)
Flea. I can barely express how happy I am that he's alive (again!) and that he's a death magician, oh my gosh.
Tohon. I don't know if I believe that he's really gone. He's a suspicious man, and I don't trust him.
Wynn. No, how could you do that to Odd? He's adorable.
Ursan, Liv, Thea, NOELLE. :(
I just loved this book. Everything about it.