Severed Stone: Souls of the Stones - The Split

Severed Stone - Kelly  Walker ARC provided by All Night Reads via Net Galley.

When seventeen year old Ciorstan wakes up in a field of flowers, with no memory of how she got there, it is no doubt she is a little confused. When a handsome stranger warns her not to go to the palace; more confusion, and the realisation that the palace is where she is meant to go. Rife with magic, love, lust, feuds, pride, and handsome young men, Severed Stone is a YA novella for the romantic at heart.

Severed Stone is the prequel novella to Kelly Walker’s Souls of the Stones novels. I have not yet read any of the novels in the series, and I feel that I would have gotten more from this novella if I had.

This novella progressed far too quickly for me, and I was left sort of unbelieving at the going ons of the characters. Three bothers, all in love with the same girl? I know there is magic involved, but it is still a tad, well, over the top for my liking (What is it? A love square? A love diamond? Rhombus?).

Of course Fidwen was my favourite brother (he’s the magical, nice one!) of the three that were introduced to us, but he fell in love with Ciorstan practically the moment he met her! I would have preferred some interaction before the development and declaration of feelings.

Overall, however, I thought this novella was cute, and romantic. It was fun to read, and I did enjoy reading it.

Severed Stone has piqued my interest in the other Souls of the Stones novels, and perhaps I will appreciate this novella more when I do end up reading the other novels in the series.