15 Minutes (The Rewind Series)

15 Minutes - Jill  Cooper What would you do if you could travel back in time if you knew you could prevent your mother’s murder? Lara Crane decides that she will prevent the murder of her mother from ever happening, by travelling back in time via the Rewind agency. The only trouble is that changing the past is illegal, and many of the effects of doing so are unknown.

But when Lara saves her mother, the results are far different from anything she ever imagined.

Okay, if it was me? I would do ANYTHING to save my Mum from being murdered. I would definitely break any time travelling law, get shot myself, and potentially give up life as I know it. Which is essentially what Lara did in 15 Minutes. Oh, and she only had 15 minutes to save her mother, hence the title. Knowing me, I’d probably need an hour, since I am not an athlete like Lara. Thank the stars this is just a book.

Everyone knows that you don’t mess with time. Time will mess you up 100 times worse. And 15 Minutes is no different. In an attempt to live the life she’s always wanted; with a mother and a father; Lara is willing to throw her entire life away. And she does. Saving her mum changes absolutely everything, and not for the better, either.

The one thing that really prevented me from adoring this book, instead of just really liking it as I did, was Lara. I know she was confused with the memories of her ‘real’ self, and the memories of her ‘alternate’ self, but she just seemed so ready to give up her actual life. I mean, the whole book only spans a few days, and in that time Lara pretty much forgets about everyone she cared about in her real life, and replaces them with people in this alternate version of reality. This doesn’t really make much sense to me, because she knows that the memories are not real, and that this alternate reality that she has been thrust into isn’t really her life at all, but some other version of her life (which she had nothing to do with). I know that she couldn’t have spent the rest of her new life pining over her real/old life, but a few days seemed like an extremely short amount of time to form strong relationships, and essentially forget about the people she used to love.

Other than that aspect, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. At times, it was a little jumpy, and the storyline was a little hard to follow; but I think that is the case with most time travel books. Every author puts a different twist on time travel, so it’s always a tad confusing trying to adapt to their definition.

There are not very many characters that I can touch on, as the larger part of the book focuses on Lara and her questions regarding time travel, but I must say that I would like to know more about the Rick from Lara’s original life. He sounds pretty awesome, and I think he would be a great addition to the story.

I am pretty eager to know where Lara’s story leads in the next instalment of the Rewind Series, as I want to know where she ends up. Which life will she choose? Does she even have a choice? Will the good guys win the battle? This is a series that I definitely want to continue.

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