Inside Out (Insider, #1)

Inside Out (Insider, #1) - Maria V. Snyder Spoilers inherent.
As always, Maria has performed marvellously. I actually cannot get over what an amazing author she is. I have tried to space out my reading of her novels, because I will be thoroughly down-spirited when I have no more on hand to read.
I loved the twist in this book! I had no idea that Inside would be a spacecraft travelling to another planet! And I never guessed, which is always a plus side.
One thing that I did guess was that Doctor Lamont was Trella's mother. And I was very pleased with myself when it turned out to be true. I love guessing things correctly.
I was surprised by the use of such normal names, which is different from the unique and lovely names in the Study books, and the Healer books. Although some of them were unique, and all of them were lovely.
I really, really liked this book. Everything about it. The awesome heroine, the adorable love interest, Broken Man, the revolution, the technology. Everything.
The only thing I would have loved was a map of Inside, so I could keep track of everywhere that Trella travelled.
But other than that, another amazing novel by one of my all time favourite authors.