Divergent - Veronica Roth There are a few things I want to say about this book.
Firstly, I knew that this novel was the author's first. There's no problem in that, but some of the sentences were a little off at times.
I don't think that the main character Beatrice/Tris was believable. I think that someone who has been raised with values of selflessness would not warm so quickly to violence. I also don't like the fact that she repeatedly mentions her lack of 'womanliness', and belittles herself in front of Tobias/Four by telling him that she knows that she is not pretty.
But above all, the aspect of this book that made me refrain from giving it four stars was the Dauntless faction. Their main attribute and quality is bravery. Personally, I do not think that jumping out of a moving train constitutes bravery. I do not think that violence constitutes bravery. Perhaps the faction should have been called 'Ruthless', because they were more ruthless than brave. Jumping off buildings and climbing Ferris wheels isn't brave, it's plain reckless. And I know that it is mentioned in the book that the Dauntless have wavered from the values they had when they formed, but it still unnerved me.
Having fear is a part of being brave. And it is not weak to mourn the death of your parents.
There were also very few descriptions and explanations. I had no idea the city was supposed to be Chicago until I read it in someone's review. When reading, I had no idea what the places looked like, except there were lots of rocks in the Dauntless headquarters, glass in Erudite and old crumbly buildings everywhere else. And who are Amity? I'm guessing they're just hippies or something.
And the Divergent role wasn't clearly explained. All I know is that they aren't affected by the weird serum stuff, and that they can't choose which faction they want to be in.
But I guess, overall, I mostly enjoyed this book, and I will read the others.