The Host

The Host - Stephenie Meyer Earth has been invaded by souls; pretty shiny silver things that connect to a host body, and control them. The souls infiltrate Earth because they believe the human race is not appreciative of their planet. The Host follows the body of Melanie Stryder, and how her mind refuses to allow the soul inserted into her; Wanderer; to completely overtake her. Wanderer's own thoughts are constantly interrupted by Melanie's memory of Jared, the man she loves. It is this love, that begins to influence Wanderer, that sets the events of The Host into motion.
OKAY. So, I saw the movie a few weeks ago, and I simply loved it. I was so surprised, as I was expecting something exactly the same as Twilight, but with souls instead of vampires. I was so pleasantly surprised, and I can say that The Host is one of my favourite movies I have seen this year.
That being said, I enjoyed the book less than I enjoyed the movie, but nonetheless, I really liked the book.
Once again, when I picked up The Host, I expected something akin to Twilight, which I didn't have a particular fondness for. I was wary to begin the book, but once I did, it drew me in. I was surprised at how different Meyer's writing style was in The Host compared to Twilight. I felt that it was much more descriptive, and flowing, and engaging.
I loved the descriptions of Wanda's journeys to other planets, and the stories she told. I also enjoyed the explanation for the souls' taking over Earth. Especially since I do believe that humans are taking this planet for granted.
I didn't particularly warm to Jared, and much preferred Ian's character.
Jeb was definitely one of my favourite characters, and his incessant threats about shooting people were amusing, and somewhat heart-warming (if you've read the book, you will understand why his death threats are heart-warming).
I felt that Melanie and Wanda were strong, independent women; neither one depended on anyone else for survival, and I really appreciated that.
I am somewhat dismayed to learn that Meyer is writing another two books following The Host, as I believe the book ended well, and does not need to be elaborated upon. That being said, I will read it, but once again, I will probably be wary.