The Broken Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy)

The Broken Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin The Broken Kingdoms begins not too long after where The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms left off. How much time has passed exactly is not given. The Broken Kingdoms follows roughly a year in the life of Oree Shoth, who is blind in all ways but one. She can see magic, and in particular, God magic. Which makes living in Shadow (previously known as Sky the city), where godlings practically run rampant, pleasant. Until Oree takes in a seemingly normal homeless man, who shines brighter than the sun at dawn every day. It is this action that marks the end of life as Oree knows it. Death, and life; magic, and the mundane; love, and hate; gods, and mortals. All at war with each other in the second instalment of The Inheritance Trilogy.
To be brutally honest, I expected quite a bit more from this book. I simply adored The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms; everything about the novel endeared it to me. Do not get me wrong, I really did enjoy this novel, but it just didn't hold the same kind of magic for me as the first one did.
I thought it was so interesting that Jemisin wrote a novel from the perspective of a girl who cannot see. I thought there would be a lack of descriptions and the such, but I found that I barely noticed, and made images of people and places by myself, which is always interesting.
Of course, anyone who read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms knows exactly who Oree's new house-mate is (I love the fact that she names him Shiny), and probably has no warm feelings for him, either. I know I didn't. But, oh, you learn so much more about 'Shiny', and by the end of the book, I loved him (though not as much as I loved Naha).
It was very unnerving experiencing the introduction of characters like Naha, Sieh, and Yeine from Oree's point of view. I did not like it. They were presented in such a different light, and seemed so very different from the characters I had grown to love so dearly.
When I realised who Hado was, I audibly gasped. It was just so awesome.
The ending was so depressing, I can't believe it.... *cries* But, maybe, when Oree was imagining a reunion, it will happen? I really hope so.
Oh, and Madding. Let us just share in my pain over Madding.
I cannot wait until I read The Kingdom of Gods. Bring it.