The Tale of Mally Biddle

The Tale of Mally Biddle - M.L. LeGette The kingdom of Lenzar is dictated by the knights of Bosc Castle. The knights are killing, and containing whomever they like, whenever they like. A rebel group is forming, and they want action to be taken against the current King, and his captain of the knights, Molick. But what the rebels need is a spy within the castles walls, to find out if the Princess Avona is really dead and gone. That is where young seventeen year old farm girl Mally Biddle comes in. Mally agrees to work as a servant in Bosc Castle, in hopes to uncover the many secrets hidden within its walls.
ARC provided on behalf of the author via Net Galley.
When I requested The Tale of Mally Biddle from Net Galley, I was not aware that it was aimed at younger teens. I wish I had known, as I went in expecting a YA book.
To be honest, I felt as if The Tale of Mally Biddle could have been a shorter book. It dragged in some places, and I believe the story could have been achieved in fewer pages.
I guessed the 'twist' when I read the blurb, but I think younger readers may not. It was a nice twist, though.
I liked Mally's character. She was a sweet girl, and was ready to risk everything, including her life, to help her kingdom, which is admirable. Mally was very willing to participate in the servant work which was thrown her way, and she never complained (I know I would have). Sometimes she was a little reckless, and I didn't understand her cause for some of her actions.
Galen was a sweet love interest in this novel, and I liked him very much. I liked his subtle protectiveness of Mally and his little brother, Edwin. He was a hardworking boy devoted to his family. Two pretty good traits if you ask me.
I think Cayla was an extremely brave character, and her chapters in the beginning of The Tale of Mally Biddle were by far my favourite. I liked the voice she had in this novel, and her actions were incredibly courageous.
For me, there were a few too many characters to keep track of in this novel, especially since they all had unique names due to the fantasy nature of this book. Sometimes, I had trouble remembering who everyone was.
Overall, The Tale of Mally Biddle was a tale about how one event can change the course of your life, and how you can truly find yourself in the most unusual ways.
A story of love, danger, and adventure, The Tale of Mally Biddle is a fun read for younger teens.