Steel Lily (The Periodic Series) (Volume 1)

Steel Lily - Megan Curd A copy of this novel was provided by the author as part of a book tour.

Avery Pike is an Elementalist. She can create steam from water, and it just so happens that her Dome runs on steam. Avery Pike is Dome Four’s most coveted asset. That is, until she escapes with a handsome stranger into Dome Seven.

Avery’s life is turned upside down when Jaxon, the beautiful boy with blue eyes, saves her and her best friend, Alice from impending death. But what Avery thought was escape to freedom might be entrapment worse than she could have ever imagined.

Wow, just WOW. I loved this book so much. Steel Lily is an amazing blend of dystopia, steampunk, magic, friendship, love, betrayal, and trust. From the first sentence, I was hooked, and drawn into the fantastic world that Curd has created.

I loved the secrets in this novel. I was forever second guessing myself as to who Avery could trust, and who she couldn’t. I thought every character besides Avery herself was evil, and out to ruin the world at some point. I am glad some of these suspicions never came true, because there are a plethora of characters in this novel that I absolutely adored.

Avery. I love Avery. It’s odd to think that she is merely 15 years old, because she acts far beyond her age – but I suppose that could be a side of effect of the state her world is in. She is strong, and witty, and shy, and fragile all at the same time. I love characters like this. Avery puts on a facade of steel, but inside, she is just as scared as everyone else. Her bravery is astounding, and her loyalty incomparable. As you can probably tell, I am a super fan of Miss Pike.

Jaxon. Oh, Jaxon. I love this boy! He is one of my favourite YA love interests that I have come across in a VERY LONG TIME. I love him – did I say that already? He’s so tortured, but puts on such a different face. And I love that face. It’s sarcastic, and funny, and narcissistic (but in a nice way – is that possible?), and totally crush worthy. I love his vulnerable side the best though, and I really want to learn more about him in the sequel.

SEQUEL. Hurrah! I am so happy that Steel Lily is not a standalone, as I feel like there is so much more of Avery’s, and everyone else’s, story to be told. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Iron Pendulum in December of this year!

Before this turns into an essay, I just want to add that the twists in this novel are epic, and I never saw them coming. My emotions towards certain characters did a complete 180 when it came to the last five or so chapters, and I just want everything to be explained! Hence the eagerly anticipated Iron Pendulum.

I shall be waiting impatiently for December to roll around, that is for sure. And in the mean time, I shall be checking out Megan’s other books – hopefully they will all be as amazing as Steel Lily!

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