Moirai (Aberrant) (Volume 2)

Moirai - Ruth  Silver So you think everything’s pretty sweet at the end of Aberrant. I won’t say too much, but everything’s kind of tied up nicely, with no big stress. Ruth: hold on, there, sailor! Who said anything about ANYTHING being tied up, or no stress? You MUST be kidding. Hahahaha!

Okay, so Ruth never said that, but she may as well have by writing this awesome story.

From the moment you start Moirai (which I ALWAYS manage to spell with two ‘r’s in there somewhere), there is constant action. Not always of the fighting the bad guys nature, but action nonetheless. Ruth is seriously amazing at keeping you interested and invested in the lives of her characters.

I always love the first book in the series more than all the others. I love being introduced to the characters, and their story. It’s just one of those things. Granted this, Moirai is an epic second instalment in the Aberrant series, and I am thoroughly pleased with it.

Olivia is still the same kick-ass, strong willed, and all ‘round awesome girl that she was in Aberrant. And I still love her to pieces. I think she definitely grows as a character in Moirai; there wasn’t an option for her not to. Thrown amongst a revolution, a romance, and a pretty much being the most valued human in Cabal doesn’t leave much room for not stepping up to meet expectations. Which I think she does fantastically. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that practically the whole existence (natural, anyway) of the human race rests on her shoulders, but she doesn’t feel exactly comfortable with the weight it puts on her shoulders. And she’s got superpowers, as well. Superpowers, Chiara? I can’t be reading that right. You ARE reading that right. And you’ll just have to read the book to find out what kind of super epic human that Olivia really is.

Olivia and Joshua’s relationship in this book was again one of my favourite aspects. There was a moment when I started to doubt things, and my heart started breaking, but there was no need to worry. On this note, I think I need to express how EXTREMELY happy I am that there isn’t a love triangle in this series. I am tired of reading a MC’s thoughts and feelings about two love interests. In Aberrant and Moirai, Olivia and Josh are it. They know they love each other, and that’s enough. There’s no second guessing, no distrust. Sigh. This relationship is one of my favourites, definitely.

In the last few chapters or so, everything went down fairly quickly, and I kind of struggled with where things were happening, and what exactly was going down. I got the gist of it, but I would have liked a bit of a slower pace so that I could really have enjoyed reading all about the revolution, and the roles that people played. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed every moment of reading Moirai, and the ending was pretty epic.

Well, the actual ENDING ending left me speechless. I NEED Isaura in my life right now, and I cannot believe I have to wait to read it. At least December will come around before I know it, and then I can read all about the ending of this awesome story (I think this is a trilogy, correct me if it is otherwise).

If you haven’t read Aberrant, please do. And then you’ll be scouring the interwebs to find a copy of Moirai, trust me. And you won’t be disappointed, either.

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