Godspeed - February Grace From the moment Godspeed started, I was in for the long run. A twist of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, romance, and YA, this is pretty much the perfect novel for a range of readers. I enjoyed every single moment of reading Godspeed, and I devoured it in under 24 hours (which is a feat because I am so very busy at the moment). There was not one second where I wanted to put Godspeed down, nor one second when my attention wavered from what Grace was telling me through her writing.

The writing. I have never come across a novel written in such beautiful lyrical prose as that in Godspeed. It was so engaging, and splendid; I am absolutely in love with it. The way Grace weaves the story through this writing style is simply just magical.

Abigail is kind of an odd main character. She doesn’t possess an overly strong voice, or character traits, which is actually really interesting. Because of her quietness, for lack of a better word, it was as if I could project myself onto her very easily. Which was really fun, to be honest. I felt as if I was experiencing everything that Abigail was, because I could almost imagine that I was her. Her emotions shone through the strongest, and what emotions they were! I was in love with how in love Abigail was with Godspeed. It was heartbreaking, really. But I shan’t say any more about it, for risk of ruining many a surprise!

Godspeed himself is the epitome of swoon-worthy. A mix between Mr.Darcy, Frankenstein, and the Beast, there was no hope for me when it came to falling hopelessly in love with this book boy (man). He is the epitome of the stand-offish yet completely charming gentleman. He even wears overcoats and waistcoats – can it get any better than this? No, I say. NO. Godspeed is definitely one of my favourite love interests. Tortured scientists are always a draw in for this young woman.

Godspeed wasn’t a busy novel, nor was it action-packed. But I am a self-professed lover of books that follow lives. Not to say that Godspeed was slow, because it most definitely wasn’t. It focussed more on intrigue and a kind of suspense, rather than bam-bam-bam action all the time. And, I, for one, love those kind of stories. They allow me to really immerse myself in the world created by the author, and to connect to the characters and the going-ons within the pages, which I wholeheartedly appreciate.

There’s not too much more that I can say about Godspeed, except that I can definitely see myself re-reading this wonderful novel sometime in the future. I would absolutely LOVE to own a paperback, just for easy access, and the gorgeous cover. I think this story would be even more beautiful on paper.

I highly recommend Godspeed to readers who enjoy any of the genres I mentioned at the beginning of the review, as I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed in the slightest!

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