Splintered - A.G. Howard My imagination has not been taken on such a wild ride as it was whilst reading Splintered in a really long time. Not since I read Alice’s Adventured in Wonderland at the beginning of this year, actually.

Howard has created a most fantastical and wondrous world inside the pages of Splintered. Besides the fact that the font was purple, and there were pretty decals everywhere, the words inside the covers were just as crazy and imaginative as Carroll’s own Wonderland. At times, my mind was struggling to wrap itself around the weird and wacky conversations and creatures that Howard has created, but in a most delightful way. I felt as if I had been thrown down the rabbit hole right along with Alyssa and Jeb. It was pretty amazing.

I’d been so eager to read Splintered ever since I saw the most astounding cover. It is seriously one of THE most gorgeous that I have ever laid eyes upon. I want it blown up to poster size, and hung in my room, so that I can stare at it all day. I am sure Howard must be so delighted to have that as the cover of her book!

But onwards.

Splintered is one stupendous ride of a novel (do you like all my adjectives in this review? I know you do). It has many twists and turns, family drama, epic romance, WONDERLAND, crazy creatures, wishes, sexy and mysterious moth men … pretty much anything you could ever want in a novel is within the pages of Splintered. That’s how good this book really is.

The plot is extremely dark and twisty, and one that you really have to keep your eye on; otherwise it will run off with you and your good sense, to boot. It’s not difficult to keep up with, by any means, but I wouldn’t read Splintered if you’re expecting a sweet and simple tale. You would be sorely disappointed, for Splintered is wrought with magic and confusion, and all things Wonderland.

Alyssa was such a likeable main character. Her love for her mother, and her willingness to do anything and everything to protect the ones she loves is so courageous, and yet breaks your heart at the same time. I think she would be an amazing person to have in one’s life; with her creativity, and stubborn loyalty, I think she would be one of the best friends any person could ever hope for. I loved reading about her. Very much.

As for the two love interests … this is a first for me. I cannot choose. I really cannot. I am normally immediately drawn to the dark and broody (in Splintered, this is Morpheus), but Jeb is also kind of dark and broody but yet totally knight in shining armour-y as well, aka SWOON WORTHY. I love both these characters, and the diversity between the two as love interests for Alyssa. I may be swayed towards Jeb, but then I remember Morpheus and all of his attitude, and then I am swayed towards him again. You see my dilemma. I just cannot choose between the two amazing characters that Howard has created in Splintered.

The adventure in this novel is intriguing, and draws you in wholeheartedly. I was never bored, never distracted by anything outside of the world of Splintered. While I was reading this book, I was in for the long run. I barely paused to partake in necessary activities such as eating etc. I just wanted to finish the book to see how everything turned out.

So, as you may tell from this review; I think you should read Splintered. It’s an amazing novel (and a debut, at that!), and if you’re a fan of weird and wacky, or of Wonderland, this novel was written for you.

P.s. When Alyssa was describing The Crow poster, I almost had a heart attack. I have that poster. On my wall. The Crow is my favourite movie, and to think that Morpheus looks like Brandon Lee in that film – I am now rethinking my love for Jeb. Suffice to say, Howard has excellent taste in movies.

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