Ignite (Ignite, #1)

Ignite  - Erica Crouch Penemuel is a demon; a fallen angel forced into the icy pit of hell, where she is doomed to play out the same thing over and over - the killing of mortals. Pen hasn't the ability to reap the souls of the bodies that she kills, and that is where her twin brother, Azael comes in. Az is the only thing in Pen's life that means anything, he is her only constant.
But when the archangel Michael returns, Pen is forced to question her blind faith in Az, and her decision to side with Hell. As a second war between Heaven and Hell brews, Pen is confronted with her choices, and the realisation that she has choices at all. A choice between blood and love, and a choice between Heaven and Hell.
ARC provided by Patchwork Press via Net Galley.
*takes deep breath*
You know when you pick up a book, and from the first letter of the first word, of the first sentence, of the first paragraph, of the first page, you are completely sucked into the world the author has created? I, for one, love those books, and I am happy to say that Ignite fits the description perfectly.
I went into Ignite, not having read the blurb for about a month. All I remembered was that it was about angels and demons. And I am actually really glad, because everything that Erica wrote in the pages was the only information I had about this book, and the story within.
The story. Ignite's story is perfect. The characters were perfect, the pacing was perfect. I just think this whole novel is perfect.
Pen's character is so unique. I have never heard of a YA angel/demon novel with a demon female as the protagonist; and I certainly have never read one before Ignite. I loved it. I loved her. Pen was this tortured, confused, strong, shy, witty, insecure, courageous girl; she was real. That might sound weird, considering that she's a mythological creature and all, but she was so real to life, and I connected with her straight away. Pen's conflicting emotions were so real (I know I am using that word a lot, but it's true), and I could relate to her.
Ignite was written in first person, present tense, and, as most of you already know, this is my absolute FAVOURITE kind of writing style to read. It gives so much more insight into the character's feelings, and the present tense makes you feel as if you are right there with them; experiencing everything that they are.
Archangel Michael was just beautiful. He was so naive, and sweet, and that made him all the more endearing. I loved that so many things confused him, and I could picture his face so clearly in my mind when reading this book (thanks to Erica's gorgeous writing).
I actually love Azael. I know he's hellbent (haha) on being an evil demon, but I am rooting for some kind of goodness to prevail within him. Who knows, maybe in book two?
BOOK TWO. Can I even begin to express my happiness that there is going to be a book two? And a book 1.5? *insert deliriously happy dancey dance*
I am so, SO excited about reading more of Erica's writing. It's so incredibly beautiful. I cannot believe that she is only 20, and can write such breathtaking words. The world-weaving was amazing, the characters were incredible, the storyline was intriguing, the wording was divine. This book was simply perfect.
I mentioned in a blog post of mine earlier that there were so many beautiful quotes in this book that I have been using my Kobo highlighter tool more than ever before. Well, when I marked the book as finished, it deleted all my highlights. *internal screaming* I managed to remember one, and here it is:
An inky blackness settled across the sky with millions of stars peeking through like found diamonds.

Seriously, that is not even the best one, and it's so lovely!
This review isn't really doing how I feel about this book any justice. So I will finish with this: I was obsessed with this book while I was reading it, I am still obsessed with this book now that I have finished it, and I can assure that I will still be obsessed with this book for a very long time. Ignite is one of my firm favourites.