Book Review: Ghost Hold (The PSS Chronicles #2) by Ripley Patton

Ghost Hold (The PSS Chronicles, #2) - Ripley Patton

There is one word to describe Ghost Hold, and that is awesome. Really, Ghost Hold was just awesome.


At the end of Ghost Hand, Olivia has decided to join Marcus and the boys, in order to find the other kids with PSS, and to try and run from the CAMFers. In Ghost Hold, they are trying to find Samantha James, but everything is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.


Ghost Hold was action-packed. You were constantly questioning who you could trust, and who you couldn’t. There were so many questions swimming around my mind, and just when I thought I had most of the answers, another huge reveal would make itself known to Olivia. I loved this non-stop suspense and action; it kept me interested, and wanting to read more and more until I finished the book. I always love that feeling.


I love Marcus and Olivia together, and the problems they had in Ghost Hold saddened me. I don’t want them to not trust each other, or fight. But they’re teenagers in a pretty crazy situation, so I can’t exactly blame them. But, I am a sucker for happily ever after, and I really hope these two get that, because they more than deserve it.


One thing I really enjoyed about Ghost Hold was how we delved deeper into the world of PSS, what it can do, and what it may involve in the future. I love this phenomenon that Patton has created. It is unique, and believable, and awesome. I love the thought that people can have pretty blue glowy limbs that have special powers.


We are introduced to a PSS cult, The Hold, in this novel. Cults are an interest of mine, and I am always amazed at how they can persuade people to do their bidding, and keep them believing. The Hold was no different. I found this ‘cult’ extremely interesting, and I hope we can learn even more about its past, and what it wants with people with PSS. Are they good, or are they bad?


Again, the characters in Ghost Hold are well developed, believable, and diverse. I care for the ones I am supposed to care for; I hate the ones I am supposed to hate. Patton has a real art for creating characters that you can relate to, and believe in. I think the characters are my favourite aspect of The PSS Chronicles.


The ending of Ghost Hold left me bereft. So many things happened in such a short time. Characters are lost, others are taken, and there are ones that we have no idea what has happened to them. I desperately want the third book in The PSS Chronicles ASAP. I need to know what has happened to everyone, and what are truths, and what are lies. It’s killing me not knowing!


One thing that I would like to mention is that before book blogging, I had never read an indie or self published book in my life. And now, I read them more than any other kind of book. I am so happy I started book blogging, because it has given me the opportunity to read amazing books that I would never have read otherwise, like Ghost Hold. I loved this book, and I am so glad that I started book blogging, because I have had the chance to read Ghost Hold, and many others like it.


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