One - LeighAnn Kopans I’d been aching to read One ever since I found out about it. I’d seen Leigh floating around the internet (okay, that sounds weird, but you get what I mean), and she seemed so lovely. Which always makes me want to read an author’s books. Them being lovely, that is, not the floating around the internet. Okay, just stop now, Chiara.

Anyway. I’m so glad that I bought One before it disappeared off the Book Depository (update, it's back on there now - woohoo!), because now I have that beautiful cover, and the awesome story inside to keep forever. But it also saddens me because Two isn’t on there (I just found it - hurrah!), and Amazon is a bit, ahem, expensive when it comes to shipping to Australia. But who knows, maybe one day.

I really liked One. I liked Merrin, and I thought she was a relatable teenage girl, with a believable family. Yes, you heard me, people. Merrin has a family. With ACTUAL parents who weren’t perfect, but who were actually present in her life. It was amazing, and I feel like giving Kopans a gold star for being able to incorporate them into the story so well.

The thing I loved most about One was its uniqueness. The storyline was unlike any I have read before. The two parts of a power combining? People only having one power, and thus not being a fully fledged Super? It’s awesome, and intriguing, and all kinds of lovely and amazing adjectives. And it wasn’t just given to you in an info dump, either. It was given to you through realistic means, like conversations, flashbacks, etc. I really liked that.

The pacing in the novel was wonderful, and I was not bored for one second while reading it. While I thought that Merrin and Elias’s relationship moved a little too quickly, I was still behind them all the way. They were such a cute couple, and I loved their interaction. Finding out that Two is written from Elias’s perspective makes me REALLY excited. He was my favourite character. I cannot wait to learn more about him, and see the world of One Universe through his eyes.

There was unexpected mystery and madness within this book that really came as a nice surprise (even though the mysteries were not so nice). I didn’t expect the book to take those turns, and I love being surprised and caught off guard by plots in novels. There’s nothing worse than a completely predictable book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading One, and I cannot wait to see how Elias and Merrin’s story comes to a close in Two. If you’re looking for an entertaining read that is unique and thrilling, One is the book for you.

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