Mini Review: Untraceable by S.R. Johannes

Untraceable - S.R. Johannes

A copy of this novel was provided for review via Net Galley on behalf of the publisher.

Warning: animal abuse and deaths in this novel.

I guess that warning pretty much sums up my feelings for this book. Being an extreme animal lover and activist, I just cannot handle animal cruelty in novels. I don't need the 'education' of it, and I certainly don't see the fictitious appeal. I know how fucking cruel humans are, and I certainly don't want to read about it, when reading is supposed to be my happy place. But anyway.

I wasn't a huge fan of this novel, even without the animal cruelty aspects. The main character was irresponsible, girl-hating (you dumped him, you don't get to bitch about the girl who actually likes him - or any girl for that matter), and more than a little annoying. This girl is supposed to be a survival skills enthusiast (or whatever), and then makes so many mistakes. I think you either create a character that knows their shit, or you have one that doesn't. Making mistakes is amateurish, and takes away the credibility of the knowledge of the character. The romance moved at the speed of lightning, and he called her Blossom (with a capital B). I am not a fan of pet names in general but Blossom? *shudders*

I felt that the suspense of this thriller was really lacking, and I saw each of the reveals coming a mile away. This won't be a series I will continue reading.