Mini Review: I Am J by Cris Beam

I Am J - Cris Beam

I was not a huge fan of our main character, J. I understand that he was trying desperately to conform to what he thought was masculine attitude ... but some of his comments had me narrowing my eyes. Guys can have feelings, too *gasp* And being called a lesbian is not the worst thing in the world.


His relationship with his best friend was a little off putting, as well. She was only attracted to J when she thought of him as completely male. Guuurl, you're either attracted to someone or not. You can't only be attracted to them sometimes. And what kind of message is that giving to J, anyway? *shakes head*


J's inner turmoil was a little tiresome at times, and I feel like some of this introspection could have been cut to make for a more fast paced novel.


I hated J's parents. Well, more specifically his mother. But I guess this could be an accurate representation of parents who are shitheads and refuse to come to terms with their child being different.