Review: Two by Leigh Ann Kopans

Two - LeighAnn Kopans

A copy of this novel was provided by the author for review + purchased.


I remember reading a guest post or some other post from Kopans talking about how she had never felt more connected to a character as she was to Elias in Two. I remember thinking that it’s awesome when authors can really feel their characters, rather than just writing about them. When reading Two, I understand what she meant now.


Two felt like reading about a person called Elias, who was on the run from an evil company who wanted him and his girlfriend. Like he was real. And I guess that’s what Kopans meant when she said that she felt connected to him. I think she tapped into something really special here, and that made Two itself incredibly special. I loved the feeling I had as I was reading this book.


Switching from Merrin’s point of view in One to Elias’s in Two was great. I liked Merrin, but Elias was my favourite character in One, so I was really excited about reading from his perspective. And Two lived up to its expectations. I loved reading Elias’s thoughts. They were so different to Merrin’s. Elias isn’t obsessed with being a One, he isn’t obsessed with flying. He loves Merrin as she is, and he loves flying with Merrin. Reading about Elias’s feelings for Merrin took away all the misgivings I may have had regarding their quick moving love in One. He is so protective and caring of her, it’s incredibly sweet.


Elias and Merrin’s relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They fight. Quite a bit. And I really liked that. I am kind of sick of reading about these relationships that are practically perfect in every way; partners who think the other can do no wrong – you know what I am talking about, I’m sure. The imperfection of Elias and Merrin together made their relationship more believable, and more enjoyable to read about.


Two was by no means a fast moving novel. There was a lot of internal monologue from our boy Elias; from how much he loves Merrin, to how scared he is for his sisters, to his musings about what his future will be like. A large portion of the novel was Elias and Merrin finding a place in another Hub, and Merrin being obsessed with making herself a Super. I didn’t mind this slow pace. I actually really enjoyed it. I think most of you know by now that a lot of my favourite books are the ones that take the time to explain things and explore things in great detail. Two was exactly like this. Yes, there could have been more of an overarching storyline to the novel, but I was pleased with the one we were given.


I am still a fan of how unique this story is; I really like the whole premise of it. I am a little sad that the One Universe series has now come to a close. I think it would be interesting to learn about what Elias and Merrin do with their powers as they grow up. Do they stay with Clandestine Services? Do they become ‘superheroes’? Do they live happily ever after and live in the country like Elias always wanted? I would love to know.

The reveal about how the Supers came to be was pretty radical – radically awesome. I had always thought the explanation given in One was kind of not all that explanatory. But now I know the real history; it’s pretty darn cool.


Overall, I thought that Two was a great sequel to One, and a great ending to the One Universe series.


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