Review: The Broken Sun by Darrell Pitt

The Broken Sun: A Steampunk Detective Novel featuring Jack Mason - Darrell Pitt

A copy of this novel was provided by Text Publishing for review.


Yay! The story I liked so much in The Firebird Mystery is back again in The Broken Sun. For a few reasons, I wasn’t the hugest fan of the second instalment of this series, The Secret Abyss, but I am back in the Jack Mason game with The Broken Sun.


Again, the story wasn’t set in England, which saddened me a bit, but I’ve looked at the synopsis of the fourth book and they travel to Spain. So obviously I just have to get used to the trio travelling out of England. *puts on big girl panties*


I love love love watching Jack grow over the course of the novels. In The Broken Sun, he was more mature than ever before, but still his slightly idiotic self (I say that lovingly, of course). I can’t wait to see him grow into the snarky smart young man I know he’ll become (why do I sound like a grandma?).


Ignatius Doyle was still his fabulous self, and we got to learn a little more about him in The Broken Sun, which I greatly appreciated. I love this guy. There was some insight into his past, and I realised I would love a YA/adult series about Ignatius as a young man! I think that would be all kinds of awesome, and I would the crap out of those novels.


Scarlet was our badass heroine, as always, taking charge and never letting her sex get in the way of being totally awesome. I ship her and Jack, and EURGH how long are we going to have to wait for a kiss? I know this is MG and it’s for younger darlings but come on they were just about to kiss and fell through a wall? *screams* I’m guessing the kiss will happen in the next novel, since they get kidnapped together. Kidnapping makes you realise who is important and that life is short, so KISS.


As for the storyline, it was as mysterious and thrilling as ever – with Atlantis being the foremost important aspect of this novel. Which I loved because I love Atlantis. There was also some creepy experiments and long lost sons and people being crushed by elevators. There was no wanting for action in The Broken Sun that is for sure.


Overall, I really liked the third instalment in the Jack Mason Adventure series, and I look forward to reading more of our little detective trio!


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