Review: This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

This Shattered World - Amie Kaufman,  Meagan Spooner

A copy of this novel was provided by Allen and Unwin for review.


I’m gonna be up front and say that whilst I really liked This Shattered World, I didn’t love it as much as These Broken Stars.


It took me a while to get into This Shattered World. I was not 100% into the beginning, and I was becoming sorely disappointed that it wasn’t the piece of beauty that was its predecessor. Fair enough, I liked everything, but I was in no way as in love with it as TBS.


However, somewhere along the way, it captured me.


I fell in love with Jubilee and Flynn, and I found myself turning each page quickly because I wanted to find out what happened RIGHT NOW. I was all of a sudden invested in their story, and their lives, and well, their romance.


The romance in this book is not heavy. There are only two kissing scenes (two!), but the connection between Flynn and Jubilee was tangible in its realness and force. I was shipping those two from page one until page end, and I must say I wasn’t disappointed in their relationship in the slightest. There was no instalove, no declarations of feelings that haven’t had time to develop. In fact, there’s a perfect scene and a perfect sentence where Jubilee says that she wants to find out if she can love Flynn (of COURSE SHE WILL – HOW COULD SHE NOT?).


The world building was on-point, as was the storyline. I could see Avon so clearly, and I was never left with the WTF is going on feeling in regards to the pacing and the the crap that was going down. The plot was intricate and simple all at the same time – which seems impossible, but that’s how it was.


There were some really heartbreaking scenes because this novel is heavy in the death and betrayal department, and I just really felt for all the characters because they were really broken. And I love broken characters. This Shattered World definitely had me cheering for a Happily Ever After for everyone involved.


TARVER. I loved that we got to see Tarver again, and that he is still so in love with Lilac. EEP. Those two are so high on my ship-it list, it’s not even funny. So it was awesome being able to read about them again.


I have a really big feeling as to who the third book is going to focus on, and I hope I am right because it would be AWESOME reading about this certain character, especially with the way they were introduced to the story in This Shattered World.


All in all, This Shattered World was an excellent sequel to These Broken Stars, and I cannot wait to see how the Starbound trilogy ends!


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