Review: The Empath by Erica Crouch

The Empath (Lost Locket of Lahari) - Erica Crouch

Okay, it is official. I have never previously had a favourite author - only favourite books. But the time has come for that era to end. I have a favourite author, and lovelies - her name is Erica Crouch.


Every single time, and I mean every single time I read ANYTHING by Erica, I am completely and 100% captivated from start to finish. Her way with words is unparalleled, in my humble opinion - and what words those are. Every single one has a meaning and a place, and they are never useless. Each and every one is important to the storyline, and the way these words come together is beautiful. Erica was blessed by the word gods, I must say.


As for the story: again, wonderful. Again, a wonderful and kickass heroine. Again, sexy boys. Again, mystery. Again, AMAZINGNESS EVERYWHERE.


There is such an awesome cast of characters in The Empath, even though there aren't that many of them. Each and every one of them is complex, and their motives unclear. Every single character is questionable and leave you wondering what they really want with Odessa.


Which brings me to my thoughts on Odessa. Two words: hell yeah. Erica has this ability to write characters that are completely real. They have vulnerabilities and strengths - just like every person on earth. And Odessa was no different. She also grows so much as a character in a mere 100 or so pages! Character development in a novella? Never before seen.


There was one thing I didn't like about The Empath, and that was that it wasn't an entire novel. I want more of this story, and I want to know were life takes Odessa after the last page. I just want more of everything Erica writes, if I'm being entirely honest.


If you want a story that will completely captivate you with magic, mystery, and murder - The Empath is perfect for you. GO! BUY! NOW!


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