Mini Review: Powered by Cheyanne Young

Powered - Cheyanne Young

A copy of this novel was provided by the author for review.


Powered was a premise that I was extremely interested in: people with powers have to take a Hero test to be a fully fledged superhero, and a girl who doesn’t pass. Unfortunately, the main character, Maci was immature, childish, and downright annoying at times. I wasn’t rooting for her to get her hero status, and in fact I was hoping that she’d have to wait and grow up a little before she received the title. I really liked the character of Evan – I thought he was a good edition to the story, even if I thought he was a little too perfect at times. The world building and descriptions weren’t the greatest and sometimes I had no idea what the character’s surrounds looked like. Even so, I’m quite interested in reading the next book in the series, simply because there was quite a cliffhanger, and I’d like to see if Maci grows as a character over time.