Review: Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

A copy of this novel was provided by Simon & Schuster Australia for review.


There are two words to describe Black Ice and they are: hot mess.


Reading Black Ice was like watching one of those crappy B-grade horror movies where you spend the 1.5 hours yelling at the female MC to grow a brain and use some critical thinking. Except Black Ice took a lot longer than 1.5 hours to complete.


Let’s start off with our main character – Britt. As if Britt is a legitimate name anywhere. Britt’s a bit of a rich bitch, if we’re being honest here. Within the first chapter, I had a clear image of the type of girl she was. From the fact that she pouted and used the word daddy *gagging*, to her pining over her dick boyfriend who broke up with her on prom night, to her walking bare footed in a freaking petrol station, to her pretending some random stranger was her boyfriend in front of previously mentioned dick ex-boyfriend – Britt was an idiot, plain and simple. I had no hope for her whatsoever.


This escalated when she internalised about her “best friend” whom which she was constantly annoyed by. Then why were they friends? Beats me. I mean, if Korbie (KORBIE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST) annoyed her so much, then why didn’t Britt just give the friendship the finger and piss the hell off? Again: beats me.


But it gets worse. OH SO MUCH WORSE. It starts raining because they set out a few hours later than they intended because Korbie was packing shit. For a hiking trip. All you need are warm clothes and good shoes. How long do they really take to pack? Anyway, because of this lateness they get stuck in a snowstorm in Britt’s Jeep (which she didn’t even prepare for going up a mountain like getting windshield wipers). They leave the heater on (cause, you know, fuel means nothing), and then decide to go walkabout in the snow. Enter cabin with two strange men. One of which was Britt’s fake boyfriend (who was so kind because he went along with it – I mean just how nice is he!!!).


So Britt and Korbie decide to go into this cabin with two strange, older guys – Shaun and Mason (nice fake boyfriend guy). Mason is all standoffish (how utterly cruel of him after he had been so nice) – hello warning bells! Shaun flirts with both the girls, gets angry over the tiniest thing (RING RING RING), whilst Mason has more of an urgent: you need to gtfo of this place right NOW (so very mean, isn’t he). Fast forward and Shaun + Mason decide to kidnap the girls and force them off the mountain because Shaun killed some guy and hit and run some chick. Britt convinces them to leave Korbie behind (with some flimsy completely unbelievable lie) and so the three of them set off together.


Okay, these bits are probably going to get a bit spoiler because I can’t withhold my feelings on certain topics. So, be warned: SPOILERS!


So Mason, Shaun and Britt set off to trek their way through a blizzard because Britt lied her butt off about her hiking skills and she has a map of dick ex boyfriend’s (who also happens to be Korbie’s brother). Britt pretty much spends the whole time fantasising about the ex boyfriend and then eventually leads Shaun and Mason to a cabin where she intends to piss off and leave them there. Lo and behold that doesn’t work.


During this time, Mason is still standoffish and Britt tries to “understand” why he would do this when he was so nice when she met him for five seconds at a petrol station. Then he is all self deprecating etc etc.


Britt somehow manages to run out into a snowstorm where Mason follows her. When they arrive back at the cabin, Shaun is in a verbal fight with ex-boyfriend who has found the cabin and is asking for Korbie and Britt. Shaun says that Korbie is back at the first cabin and Britt is off with Mason doing the dirty or something. Then ex-boyfriend (Cal) shoots Shaun dead. RING FREAKING RING.


Fast forward some time. Britt is attracted to Mason, refuses to think about the fact that Cal just murdered someone. There’s a make-out scene or two, in which Britt says that she has Stockholm Syndrome. PUHLEASE. Seriously? Just get out. Eventually she runs away from him because she can’t stand the fact that she likes this guy, and makes her way to Cal’s cabin.


More crap happens and then Britt finds out some shocking shit about Cal and tries to tell Korbie, who insists that she’s lying (such a great friendship here), and helps tie Britt up when Cal asks her to (WHAT? WHAT!).




I won’t go into any more details because then you’ll know the entire book, but I hope I explained my hot mess comment at the beginning of this review. The main character was as flimsy as a piece of paper, and the plot was practically nonexistent.


If you’re in need of an eye roll and stupidity abound, I’d say give Black Ice a go.


Oh, one more thing. I absolutely loved the Australian stereotype in the Epilogue! Because everyone from my country looks like Nicole freaking Kidman. And just because you know the words bogan and ute does not mean you should use them. Ever.


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