Review: Iron Pendulum by Megan Curd

Iron Pendulum (The Periodic Series Book 2) - Megan Curd

A copy of this novel was provided by the author as part of a book tour.

I liked Iron Pendulum. I did. I didn’t adore it like I did its predecessor Steel Lily , but I enjoyed it overall.

There were a few things about Iron Pendulum that I missed from Steel Lily. I missed our Avery and Jaxon tension. There were a few scenes in Iron Pendulum that were lovely and romantic and steamy (see excerpt below), but just that tension between them in the first book was missing. And I also wish there was more Avery and Jaxon time without everyone else around! These two need to be alone sometimes.

Avery became a bit too much of a special snowflake for me in Iron Pendulum. I know that she’s special and can influence people, but the whole ‘teenager is responsible for changing the entire world’ is a bit unbelievable. Yes, Avery is the “spark”, but she needs a network of people to help her be that influential person, and some of those people need to be adults. Maybe my logical side is getting in the way of my enjoyment of this aspect of the book.

I kind of missed the intense steampunk aspect that was present in Steel Lily but somewhat absent in Iron Pendulum. Steampunk is so cool and amazing and I am more than a tad obsessed with it, so whilst it was in this book, I wish it had taken a bit more of a front seat.

Iron Pendulum introduces a few new characters, including a hot young guy called Vince, who had a bit of a thing for Avery. Can I just applaud Megan Curd for not making this a love triangle? Avery is so in love with Jaxon and she just deflected all of Vince’s advances, and I was so proud of her. Avery and Jaxon belong together, and no one can get in the way of that.

There were so many surprises in this novel, some I guessed long before they were revealed and some I never guessed. There were sad surprises, angry surprises, shocked surprises. Surprises were all up in Iron Pendulum.

The story did drag at points, but I was always willing to continue to see where the story went, because I am invested in these characters, and this plot.

The female characters are badass in Iron Pendulum, and I really like that. They’re strong independent women who don’t need men to help them out, which is fresh and realistic. We have Avery who is standing up to the government, we have Dana who is breaking the law to take care of orphaned kids, we have Sari who is a tech wiz and gets everyone out of their sticky situations. Hells yeah for the women in this book.

Overall, there were some ups and there were some downs, but Iron Pendulum still made it out on top and I cannot wait for the third book in the Periodic series!

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