Review: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

A copy of this novel was provided by Simon & Schuster Australia for review.


Since You’ve Been Gone is an incredibly sweet, albeit unrealistic, YA contemporary read.


I was surprised that I ended up liking this book as much as I did because I almost DNFd it. Almost. I read the first chapter and it was a life info-dump. I was told all about Sloane and Emily and how they are BFFs FOREVER, and then I got all this information on Emily’s family, and I was really bored. I had to force myself to keep reading. And then I devoured the book in four hours.


So, if you are reading/going to read Since You’ve Been Gone, power through those first two chapters, because everything beyond it is adorable.


Adorable. I think this word is practically perfect for this book. Everything that happens in this book is adorable, even if I was rolling my eyes at the clichés and the unrealistic-ness of it all. But I was willing to overlook this because of how happy and gooey and fuzzy Since You’ve Been Gone made me feel inside. It made me happy, which isn’t something I usually experience when reading a book (which I found out when I wrote this post). So that is definitely one of the main reasons I liked this book.


Another reason was Frank. I thought he was simply the sweetest and cutest guy in the fictional world. Which also made me UGH because I have never met someone so sweet. AND ADORABLE. WHY AREN’T THERE FRANKS JUST WALKING AROUND WAITING TO BE SWEPT OFF THEIR FEET BY ME? Because I would be happy with a Frank, thank you very much. He’s smart, he’s geeky, he’s chivalrous. He’s fictional. *heaves heavy hearted sigh* He’s fictional. *flips desk*


I also really liked Emily. I thought that she was cute, and her reactions always had me laughing, or wanting to give her a hug. Her awkwardness is incredibly endearing which makes her a protagonist you can really get behind, and had me egging for her happily ever after.


There were, however, two things I wasn’t the hugest fan of in Since You’ve Been Gone. The first was how much Emily belittled herself/put Sloane on a pedestal. In the first half of the novel, Emily was always going on about ‘if Sloane were here, I’d be able to say something’, or ‘if he was talking to Sloane, they’d be best friends by now’. UGH, GIRL. PLEASE. You shouldn’t be relying on someone else to give you confidence, and a lot of the time the people who make BFFs wherever they go are the loneliest people out there. So just stop.


The second was how quickly Emily got over the fact that Sloane was gone/made new friends. Last year, I parted ways with my best friend of seven years. I still haven’t really gotten over that, and I certainly haven’t made a fantastically awesome new group of friends who I go out and have fun and make everlasting memories with. So I felt this was all a bit unrealistic. Life isn’t that easy. Life isn’t that happy. But I guess sometimes it’s nice to make believe it can be.


Overall, Since You’ve Been Gone was an incredibly cute read. I liked the characters, and the plot (all the things Emily had to do on that list were sweet and memorable), and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who needs a little happy in their reading life.


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