Review: The Astrologer's Daughter by Rebecca Lim

The Astrologer's Daughter - Rebecca Lim

A copy of this novel was provided by Text Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


This is pretty much going to be a timeline of my relationship with The Astrologer's Daughter. In an effort to bring some enthusiasm and Chiara-ness back into my reviews (sadly I have been feeling very UNenthused about my reviews as of late - BOO), I am spicing this one up a little. YAAAAAAAY.




I saw the cover on Twitter, as a fellow Australian blogger had received a copy for review. I wanted it. Desperately. I thought that the girl had demon eyes a la Supernatural, and I was SO KEEN for a girl with demon eyes. YUS PUHLEASE.


spike grabby hands


A few days later, The Astrologer's Daughter was in my mailbox. Turns out the girl doesn't have demon eyes, but the cover is suprememy gorgeous nonetheless. AND I GOTS THE BOOK. YAAAAY.


tangled happy


I started reading it almost straight away, because that cover, that synopsis. I was a goner. I kept looking at it, and wanting to read it. And, as per my usual lack of any self control when it comes to reading self, I caved.


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I fell in love with the writing straight away. Lim has a completely unique writing style that is engaging and personal and it really just draws you in. I wanted to keep reading and keep reading and keep reading. That is always an indication of amazing writing (at least for me).


I adored the fact that it was set in Melbourne city. I love that kind of familiarity. It's amazing. Whenever I recognised a street name I was pretty much just like:




I loved Avicenna herself. She's lost her mum, she's only eighteen. She's scared and alone. And completely crazy in the most adorable way. I was laughing with her, I was (almost, because you know I am cold hearted) crying with her. I felt everything she was going through because Lim wrote it that way.


And then along came Simon.




Simon is sassy and sweet and caring but doesn't take any self pity shit. He is AMAZING and just asdfghjkl I wanted more more more of Simon page time because he was such an intricate character and there were so many sides to him, and so much left unsaid about him. I just pretty much want an entire book about this boy. He is divine.


There were heaps of other amazing things about this book. The characters were amazing and vivid, the astrology aspects were intensely researched and in depth, and the mystery was, well, incredibly mysterious. I was always wondering what had happened.


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The ending was vague, and open, and just really left me wanting a sequel. I want a sequel, I NEED a sequel. I need to know what happens. I need more Simon. I need more astrology cases. I need to know if everything turns out all right. I JUST REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT A SEQUEL, OKAY?


i want it now


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