Book Review: Spark by Rachael Craw + Author Interview

Spark - Rachael Craw

A copy of this novel was provided by Walker Books Australia in exchange for an honest review.


Spark was captivating. From the moment it began, I never wanted to stop reading. I wanted to forgo sleep in order to continue reading, and I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I did (forgo sleep, that is).


The premise of Spark is one that I have never had the pleasure of reading about before – which can sometimes be tricky, because there are so many books out there, they are bound to have some similarities and likeness, aren’t they? But Spark was original, and unique, and like I said before: captivating.


Captivating because there is mystery. Who is Kitty’s Stray? What exactly is a Stray, or a Spark, or a Shield? Will Jamie and Evie finally get together? Mystery is important to make your reader want to stay to the end – and Craw has mastered mystery pretty well.


There were a few little problems with Spark that I will just touch on briefly. The first one was the info-dump. Now I know that we need information, but I like my information fed to me slowly, gently, so that my mind can wrap itself around terms and familiarise itself with them. But when there are about fifteen or so new terms and acronyms dumped on my head – it was a little too much. I read those passages slowly, so I could really absorb the information, but it was still a heavy load of info dumping.


Jamie and Evie’s relationship. I shipped them, pretty hard might I add. But there a few things that had me side-eying them. Like the fainting. I get it – I do. It’s all about the DNA etc etc, but Evie faints every time Jamie kisses her. I mean, there’s swooning but that is taking the meaning of the word to a whole new level.


And the instalove. The first part of their relationship was good, there was development and background and lead up and then suddenly it’s one of those YA ‘be damned world our love will last the lifetimes’, and I felt like it happened a little too quickly.


But other than that, I enjoyed almost every single aspect of this novel. I liked the suspense, and the guessing, and narrative (first person present tense – YES). The ending makes me want to pray to the book gods for the sequel, because I really want to know what happens next.


Overall, Spark was a very enjoyable novel.


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