Book Review: Disruption (Disruption #1) by Jessica Shirvington

Disruption (Disruption #1) - Jessica Shirvington

A copy of this novel was provided Harper Collins Australia in exchange for an honest review.


I was interested in Disruption from the moment I read the blurb. It sounded like the kind of book that I could really sink my teeth into. And I was right. I loved every second if Disruption.


How I love Disruption, let me count the ways.


1. Kickass heroine. YES, FINALLY. We have eighteen year old Maggie Stevens. Absent mother, dismissive brother, and a father who was taken from her two years ago. Maggie doesn’t take crap from anyone – anyone – and I love this so much. I also love her willingness to do whatever it takes to get her father back. That kind of dedication is rare in our YA heroines (no matter how beloved).


2. Gus and Maggie’s relationship. There is no love lost between these two. They talk about killing each other and rejoicing at the other’s death. But it’s not ‘banter that will lead to love’. No, these two members of the opposite sex are just FRIENDS. *cue shocked gasping* Yes, you read that correctly. FRIENDS.


3. Quentin. Oh, Quentin, you precious thing. Blind (metaphorically) jerk turned open eyed swoon worthy boy. And before you make judgement about change of character – this is gradual. This happens under very specific circumstances that would see anyone change their tune.


4. Maggie + Quentin together. I love their relationship. From their rocky beginning onwards. I was always absorbed the most in Disruption when these two were on the pages together.


5. Plotline. Intricate, surprising, intriguing, stupendous. There were things I would never have guessed, original ideas that were presented in an understandable way – this plot was just superb.


6. Writing style. Shirvington has such a wonderful voice. She writes simply, straight to the point. No flowery words that have no meaning. Every word on the page is there because it needs to be. Every word on the page also draws me in and urges me to keep reading. Which leads me to #7:


7. It sucked me in. I finished it in two sittings. It would have been one but this girl does actually need sleep. Every time I glanced away from the page, I wanted to go back to Disruption immediately. I love being sucked in by a story, and I was most definitely drawn into the depths of Disruption from beginning to end.


8. Australian author! Okay, this is just a perk really because I don’t show bias. But still. Shirvington being Australian makes me feel proud. Represent!


If you cannot tell by the aforementioned eight reasons why I adored Disruption, I’ll say it again: I LOVED this book. I cannot WAIT for the sequel. And if you like sci-fi, even in the slightest, READ THIS BOOK.


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Your Turn: Do you love books that suck you in right away? Does reading a book of your countrymen (or women) make you proud?