Book Review: Doomed by Tracy Deebs

Doomed - Tracy Deebs

A copy of this novel was provided Bloomsbury Australia in exchange for an honest review.


Doomed was fantastic.


As soon as I ripped open my package from Bloomsbury, I was excited. I swear I am more excited about the review copies I don’t ask for, than I am for the ones I do. I love seeing what the lovely Bloomsbury people have sent me, what the book is about, and whether or not I like it when I read it. As soon as I read the synopsis of Doomed, I was hooked. I decided it was the next book I was going to read. And? Doomed lived up to its awesome synopsis. In every way.


There were three things that I really adored about Doomed. And I shall go into a bit of detail for each.


One. Lack of insta-love. Aw, man. You do know how hard it is to find a young adult book that doesn’t dive head first into a case of the insta-love? I know you do. Which is why Doomed was so fantastic. I mean, the romance was barely there. The world was ending – romance isn’t exactly the most important thing right at the moment. But it was there enough that you weren’t begging for more. I mean, there was only one kiss and it happened in the last chapter (or so). A kiss at the end of the book! *throws confetti* I mean, I am proud when an author manages to keep 100 pages kiss-free, but a whole book? *gives trophy to Deebs* As you can tell, I am ridiculously over the moon about the way the love was portrayed in this novel. And I haven’t even mentioned the characters yet!


The characters in Doomed were a tad unbelievable, but I didn’t mind so much. There are really only three characters, and I am amazed that I wasn’t bored to death with the same three people travelling across the country in a car. For 500 pages. It was amazing. But, onwards. We have Pandora, our main character. She’s a bit artsy, very tall, and a wonderful mix of hysterical and brave all at the same time. The other two characters are Theo and Eli. Step-brothers who aren’t related by blood at all. Theo is the broody one, but he’s also a preppy genius boy. Eli is our token band-shirt wearing, dimple-cheeked sassy boy. I liked both of them for different reasons. Theo was ridiculously smart, and I was left wondering a few times: no way, that’s just too knowledgeable. But I didn’t mind all that much. He was interesting to read about.


Two. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I started Doomed, and I was about 25 pages in, and I had to make dinner. I didn’t want to. All throughout, I just kept on thinking about this book, and how much I wanted to go back to it. When I read it before bed and finally turned out my light to go to sleep, all I did was think about the story. I love nothing more than a book that really gets under your skin, and makes you think about it. Whenever I stopped reading Doomed, I wanted to pick it back up and race through to the finish.


Speaking of the finish. There were about 50 pages or so until the end, and I started to panic. There was not enough time for everything to happen. And there wasn’t. Turns out this is the first book in a planned series! It did end quite well, and could probably manage being a standalone, but I have way too many unanswered questions, and I want to read more of the romance! See aforementioned kiss AT THE END OF THE BOOK.


Three. That this wasn’t just a fluff piece about a computer virus. There were actual social issues weaved into the book, and even a reason behind the virus. Whilst I didn’t agree with the way he went about it, I can understand why he created the virus, and what led him to do it. (Vague 'he' intended for your enjoyment of the book). Being a strong environmentalist myself, I loved reading about all the information and predictions and scenarios that were presented Doomed. It made me not only love the story that I was reading, but I was able to identify with it, as well. There is nothing I like more than an author who can present real world issues weaved into an unreal world.


Doomed is a must read for anyone who is a fan of science fiction with a technological twist, real world issues, realistic relationships, and a great storyline.


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Your Turn: Do you like reading about topics that you're interested in? Do you think a kiss in the end of the book is too late, or perfectly non insta-love-y? Let me know in the comment section below!