Book Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries #1) by Claire Chilton

Demonic Dora - Claire Chilton

Ah, okay. Uhm. I’m not entirely sure where to start writing about Demonic Dora. For one, I’m not even entirely sure which genre this book fits into. It’s much too graphic, and there are too many expletives for it to be YA, but then the main character is in school, so I am not too sure if it fits into adult fiction, either. Whatever it is – it was weird.


When I requested the book on NetGalley, I thought it would be your kind of run-of-the-mill YA paranormal book about a girl who summons a demon and maybe falls in love etc etc. Demonic Dora is so very different to this. I would describe it is paranormal comedy. Like, a parody of the novel I thought it would be.


Whilst I did laugh quite a few times whilst reading Demonic Dora, I am not entirely impressed. I think the story could have held some iota of seriousness, whilst still falling under the ‘funny’ category, but it didn’t. There was not a minute of seriousness within this novel. There was AT LEAST one swear word per page – don’t get me wrong, I found nothing particularly wrong with that, but if some teenager picked up this book without knowing that it isn’t really meant for a teenager, it would be highly inappropriate. I mean, there’s a scene with two demons having sex in an office, and sexual innuendos scattered throughout. Definitely not a YA novel.


Besides the fact that I couldn’t actually take this book seriously for one second, there were some problems. Characters, for one. Yes, it’s a comedy novel, but no, it’s not okay to have zero character depth and relationship development. Descriptions were also lacking, and in the last two chapters, I had no idea how much time had passed because suddenly we were in an arena and Dora had a fighter's name and it was all hella confusing.


I, however, did like Kieron’s character, no matter how underdeveloped he was. He was cute with his speech, and his naïve understanding of the English language. I laughed especially when he accepted that he was Dora’s ‘bitch’. It was cute.


Overall, Demonic Dora was an entertaining read, even if it was nothing like I expected it to be. There is a chance I will read the second book in this series, but only if I feel like reading a very nonsensical and kind of rude novel, I suppose.


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