Book Review: Intuition (Transcendence #2) by C.J. Omololu

Intuition - C. J. Omololu

There have been few instances where I have enjoyed the second book in a series more than the first. And yet, Intuition is one of those instances. Usually, there’s a thing called ‘second book syndrome’, where the second book in a series drags. The characters are boring, there is unnecessary world building. A love triangle. Been there, done that. But with Intuition, that was not the case. I found myself enjoying it much more than its predecessor, Transcendence, and I was pleasantly surprised by this fact!


I didn’t find the characters boring, in fact I found them to be a lot more versatile. I’ll start with Cole, our main character. In Transcendence, I was a fan of Cole. I liked her attitude, and her dedication towards her music. Personally, I didn’t feel as if there was a lot of room for character growth for Cole, because she was so well rounded and fleshed out in the first novel. Boy, was I wrong. Cole grew leaps and bounds in Intuition. She has come so far from the naïve young girl getting freakishly weird ‘visions’ in Transcendence. She’s a crazy amazing Akhet who really came into herself in Intuition. I loved this. I loved that Cole grew as a character over time. She’s more knowledgeable regarding being Akhet, but she’s still learning, as well. I’m glad Omololu didn’t make her a sudden genius on all things Akhet. Cole still has to ask Griffon or Janine for help, and that’s totally understandable. She’s still learning about her new way of life.


In terms of Cole and Griffon’s relationship, I liked the challenges it faced. In Transcendence, they were the perfect couple. Sure, they had their arguments, but they had the kind of love that nothing or no one can get between. Except our Australian boy Drew. Drew is Cole’s love from her time in the 1500s. Of course she’s going to be drawn to him, they have loved each other before. And then Griffon goes all crazy on Cole and breaks up with her. Whilst I thought he was being a total jerk by doing this, it allowed Cole to really explore the feelings or shadows of feelings that she has for Drew. I desperately wanted to know if they would still love each other after all that time. Whether they were still soulmates, or whether Griffon is that person for Cole now. Whilst I won’t ruin it, I am happy with the outcome.


It may seem like a love triangle, but trust me when I say it is not. It’s so much more. There’s no petty jealousy, or an indecisive heroine. I think Omololu crafted these three characters and their emotions extremely well.


In terms of the Sekhem and all the goings on with the Akhet – there was a lot of that in this novel. We learn all these new things, and we learn about other Akhet (Khered), and there’s all this guessing about who really is the bad guy in all of this. Is it the super powerful group of kind of self righteous Sekhem? Is it the Khered, who want to live their lives without a duty to the greater good? Or is it the rogues, who don’t care about anything? Not all of the questions we create are answered, and it makes me very interested in the next book in the Transcendence series.


I think Omololu has created an amazing and unique series that has me hooked – line and sinker. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series, and read more about this wonderful world.


P.s. There was a character called Chiara. CHIARA. I was so excited! *claps hands gleefully*


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