Book Review: Haze (The Rephaim #2) by Paula Weston

Haze - Paula Weston

Guys. GUYS. It’s happened again. I liked the second book in a series more than the first. This is the third account in recent times of this happening. I find it so very odd because usually the second book in a series lulls a little bit. But not Haze. Certainly not Haze.

I swear, all the things that kind of irked me in Shadows, and made me rate it three snowflakes, even though I really liked it were practically all rectified in Haze. I know – wonderful, right?

Gaby definitely grew as a character in this novel. We see her come to terms with the fact she is Rephaite, and that she cannot just hide away from her past, no matter how much she wants to. She learns to stand her ground in a fight (but not against Rafa), and make decisions in an instant. She’s not perfect. She still gets scared, she’s still not the crazy super warrior that she was before, but she’s getting there. One of the things I like most about Gaby is her love for Jude. It was my favourite aspect of her character in Shadows, and even more so in Haze. She has such a terror of going to Melbourne in an effort to find Jude. What if he doesn’t remember her? What if he doesn’t want to? All these ‘what ifs’ are floating around her head, and they’re scaring her. She wants so much to find Jude, but is so scared of what she will find, if anything. My heart ached for her whenever her head swam with these thoughts.

Rafa. *throws hands in the air* I really do not know what to think of this boy. I kind of swooned over him in Shadows. But then, in Haze, there were all these uber romantic moments, and my heart was all ready to fall for him completely and then …. BAM he’s a jerk. I mean there’s this one scene, and he kind of goes nuts. And I was sitting there, reading it, and I was just thinking: nooooooo. I know that if I was Gaby I wouldn’t have been so quick to forgive what he did to me in that moment. And then there’s all the cryptic-ness (not a word – why is this not a word?) about why he and Gaby ‘hate’ each other and he just won’t tell her and *throws hands in the air* 

We saw a lot more in ways of plot in Haze. At times, there was so much going on, it was almost confusing. Almost. But the way Weston writes it makes everything make absolute sense, and add to the overarching storyline. It’s fantastic. We meet new characters, see new places, learn new things. And some of the questions that were burning your brain at the end of Shadows are answered! Hallelujah! But don’t get too excited. There’s still a crapload of stuff that we still don’t know. Where’s Shimmer? Give it to me! I want answers.

Gaby and Maggie’s relationship was definitely more believable in this novel. I think it was more obvious how much they cared for each other, and how close they had grown over the last year. The trust that Maggie puts in Gaby is so touching and heart-warming because you know that she is terrified of all this angel business, but is willing to do anything to help Gaby, anyway.

I think my favourite aspect of Haze was the descriptions that Weston gave us. They are superb. There is not one second when reading this book where you think to yourself: what does the world look like through Gaby’s eyes? Weston has done an amazing job of explaining Gaby’s surroundings without making it boring or stilted. It’s flowing, and descriptive in all the right ways. I love the descriptions of native Australian plants the best, though – it makes me feel proud.

The ending/near-the-end. *runs around house screaming and whooping* I really cannot tell you because this thing happens right at the end but it made me so happy and excited, and I wanted to hug the character and just *sigh* I loved the last part of this book so much. SO MUCH, GUYS.

There is no release date for the third book in this series, Shimmer. This upsets me. I desperately want to read that book.

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