The Distant Hours

The Distant Hours - Kate Morton Spoilers ahead, proceed at own risk.
This is the first Kate Morton book I have read so far. And I will definitely be reading her other novels.
So, you may wonder, if I intend to read the others, why I only gave this book a three star rating.
The reason is thus: I don't like tragedy. And for me, this book was a multitude of tragedies. I hated that Thomas had been dead all those years, and that Edith believed it was Juniper. I hated that Juniper believed that she had killed her one true love, and in fact done no such thing (she had indeed helped deliver a baby). I hated that Percy killed herself, and her sisters, and burned Milderhurst down to ashes.
But I adored the writing style, and the fragments of stories. I loved reading from most all the character's point of views, it gave so much more insight into who they are/were.
I admired the ending, the subtle connection between where Edith lives, and where Tom and Juniper once lived together.
But for me, and I am aware this might be cliche, somewhat happy endings sit with me much better. I felt that the Sisters Blythe's lives were so unfinished, that the secrets they kept to themselves should have been told.
I simply cannot say I loved this book, because it left me shocked, and sad, and pining for the lives these characters never had the chance to live.