Pup (Spud #3)

Pup (Spud #3) - John  Heffernan Spoilers.
I read this book for the first time when I was in primary school. I must have been about ten years old, and before I read it again this year, all I remembered from it was that I loved the story, and it made me want to buy a kelpie.
So I bought the book, in order to see how I would like it at the age I am now.
Firstly, there were some very mature themes in this book. For example, alcoholism, cutting off lambs' tails, dog poisoning, hit and runs, and domestic violence. I was quite shocked, since this is a children's novel. I would not recommend this book to young children.
As I read through it, though, I remembered why I wanted a kelpie. Pup is a sweet dog that was abused by his first owner. In the end, the saves this owner's life. I like that; that even though this dog was terrified of the man who had hit him, and nearly killed him, he saved him anyway. I think that's why I wanted to buy a kelpie after reading this book when I was ten.
I love the relationship between Jack and Pup, as it is true to life that animals can bring people such joy and comfort.
To be honest, I would have preferred more of the book to be from Pup's point of view, for those were the parts I enjoyed the most.
Although I did not love this book as I remembered doing so when I was younger, it was quite a touching story, and I liked it.