End Dayz (The Hitchhiker Strain, #0.5)

End Dayz (The Hitchhiker Strain, #0.5) - Kellie Sheridan ARC provided by Patchwork Press via Net Galley.
In this prequel to Kellie Sheridan's Mortality, readers gain an insight into how four characters of The Hitchhiker Strain world deal with the rise of the new breed of zombies.
I liked this prequel novella, and how each chapter focussed on a different character.
Chapter One was Pierce, in which he is writing letters to a girl named Beth. I don't remember her being mentioned in Mortality, so maybe we will find out more about this Beth character in Duality.
Chapter Two included diary entries from Belle; Mayor Paulson's daughter. This chapter gave more insight into Savannah's state of mind after the death of her parents, which was interesting. I remember Savannah describing how much she had changed since the death of her parents in Mortality, and it was eery to see how she really reacted.
Chapter Three was from Alex's perspective, and written in the form of notes that he was leaving his father. I am really interested in finding out whether or not his father is alive; even though I am not Alex's greatest fan.
Chapter Four was a report written by Zack, and was my favourite chapter of this novella. I really liked Zack's character in Mortality, so it was nice to gain a little more background information on him.
I felt as if each chapter in End Dayz was better than the last. This novella is a nice addition to The Hitchhiker Strain series.