Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth Spoiler Warning.
Weirdly enough, I believe I enjoyed this book more than Divergent. There was no annoying 'let's jump off trains cus we're so brave and we don't have any fears but we could fall to our deaths but that doesn't matter cus we're super brave and stuff!'.
I did find it a little annoying that Tris was so ready to die ALL THE TIME. Every second page she thought about how much she wanted to die. I thought she was in love with Tobias/Four? Obviously not, since she was so keen on death and everything.
The fact that Tris was raised for 16 years as a selfless little girl who couldn't fight, and suddenly turned into a pro fighter with a perfect aim just ticks me off. That is just not possible. A year has not even passed, since she is STILL 16, so where did all her expertise come from? In the first book, there was no battle/fighting training, all the children did was bash each other to a pulp, or stab each other in the eye with butter knives. So, I am still left wondering how Tris became a super bad ass ninja.
And the ending annoyed me. I can't remember her mother's name, so I keep thinking: is it her mother? But then surely Tris would have recognised her. So it's annoyed me, not left me craving the next book. Which I will read, not that there's too much that could happen. I can see it now. Evelyn tries to be all dominant and everything, people revolt, they go out into the 'real' world, save the real world, everything ends on a super happy note. The End.