City of Bones (Mortal Instruments, Book 1)

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare City of Bones centres on fifteen year old Clary Fray. Her life is changed when she witnesses a demon killing at her favourite club, Pandemonium. The next day, she has a fight with her mother, and storms out of the house. After screening a number of calls, she finally answers. Her mother tells her to stay away from the house, and to not come back. And then - silence. Of course Clary doesn't listen. She has to go home, and see if her mother is okay. When she arrives, her mother is gone. But the apartment isn't as empty as Clary originally thought.
With three teenage Shadowhunters (people who are half human and half angel - also called Nephilim - who live their lives to kill demons) as companions (one who is especially good looking, and especially jerky), Clary is pulled into a world she never even knew existed, and begins a journey that she will never forget.
I began reading City of Bones before I knew it was being made into a movie. So now I have perfect pictures of everyone in my head, and I really hope the cast lives up to them.
But moving on. I, for one, am a sucker for books written in the first person. I love knowing what the character is thinking, and feeling during every sentence of the book. City of Bones is written in the third person, and although I can kind of understand why, I personally would have liked to see it written in Clary's point of view.
Overall, I did like this book. I was expecting another vampire falls in love with human girl story, and was pleasantly surprised when it was nothing like that.
I liked Clary as a character, although at times she seemed a bit older than fifteen/sixteen, and sometimes a little too confident for a girl of that age.
Jace is my favourite character, but that's not anything new. I always like the jerky, good looking, troubled characters.
I liked that the background information of the Shadowhunters and the Shadow World were given throughout the story, and not just given to me in a boring chapter long explanation. I never felt like I didn't understand a reference (unless I was supposed to), and I liked that.
Without ruining anything for people who have not read this book, all I can say is that THE ENDING ANNOYED ME SUPREMELY. And not just the ending as in the last page/sentence, I mean the ending as in the last few chapters. I was annoyed, and disappointed, and ever since, I have been trying to come up with excuses for what happened.
So, overall, I enjoyed this book, and I will definitely read Cassandra Clare's other books (especially those in The Mortal Instruments series).
I would recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal.