Fever (Chemical Garden)

Fever - Lauren DeStefano Fever begins directly after Wither ends. Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, and Vaughn's clutches, and are determined to live out the rest of their short lives together; with Rhine's brother, Rowan. That is, until they are held against their will by a seemingly mad woman who goes by the name Madame, and who runs a carnival of prostitutes.
Madame is convinced that Rhine is her next star, and will keep her at the carnival whatever the cost.
With time running out for both Rhine and Gabriel, the two must find a way out of the carnival, and a way to Manhattan; where, hopefully, Rhine's brother is still waiting for her return.
I liked Fever. I like it when books in a series begin directly after the end of the previous one. I don't have to guess what has happened; what has been said; or what has been done. Granted, I did not like Fever better than Wither. Wither has this surreal edge to it; with Rhine in the mansion as Linden's bride; the curious going-ons of the household; and Rhine and Linden's relationship.
That being said, Fever was a really good book, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the fact that it is written in first person present tense, as it gives me so much more insight into what's going on in Rhine's world. I feel like I am a spectator-friend sitting quietly in a corner of her brain; hoping and praying for her happy ending.
I love The Chemical Garden Trilogy and have Sever waiting for me right now.