Kingdom of Gods

The Kingdom of Gods - N.K. Jemisin The Kingdom of Gods is set roughly one hundred years following The Broken Kingdoms. The narrator is left as something of a mystery until you start reading, I know it was to me at least, so I will also leave it a mystery. Shahar and Dekarta Arameri are twins born into the most infamous of all the worlds' families. The family that rules the hundred thousand kingdoms. But times are changing, and it seems like the Arameri's grip on the world is loosening. One day, when children, Shahar and Deka meet the first godling, the Trickster, Sieh. The three make an oath, to befriend one another. It is this childhood promise that changes all their lives. Forever.
Where do I begin? Firstly, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is still my favourite in the series, but I really enjoyed The Kingdom of Gods, as well.
Sieh! My little baby (even though he's nearly as old as time itself but that's beside the point - he's the God of Childhood, come on). Okay, I am about to reveal the narrator, so beware - it was Sieh! I was so surprised, and pleased. My favourite godling, telling me his story. I was also surprised because the previous two books were written in a female's perspective, and from those who thought they were mortal. It was interesting, if nothing else.
But it was so much more else! I imagined Sieh to think like a child, but he doesn't. He is so complex, and at times infuriating. But he forces you to love him, just like a child. I felt like crying at times during this book, and I definitely laughed at times, too.
Mostly, I just spent the entire 600 pages worrying about Sieh.
I loved the reappearance of Ahad/Hado/Naha's human half. I really like his character. The Three also played a larger part in this book, which was wonderful for me, because I adore all three.
Sieh's final choice in partners was unexpected, but I suppose what the first did to him was pretty cruel - I know, vague, but I don't want to spoil anything.
Deka. I love Deka, and how much he loves Sieh. I definitely ship these two.
The Coda allowed me to be at peace with this book. I was so upset and angry, before I read it. I thought it was a horrible ending to a beautiful trilogy - but Jemisin did not fail us. Perhaps there will be more novels regarding this new creation.
I loved Sieh's drawings in the glossary section - especially on the definition of Itempas. Haha.
I really did like this book, and I am bereft to know that the series is finished. I shall miss the characters, and the stories of the Three and the goldings and the demons. And I suppose, the mortals, too.