Full Moon Kisses: A Full Moon Novel

Full Moon Kisses  - Ellen Schreiber If I could, I would probably give this book a 2.75 star rating.
I have read the entire Vampire Kisses series written by the same author, and I almost feel as if this series is exactly the same, but with a werewolf boy instead of a vampire one. In the previous two novels in the series, I did not feel this way, but with the introduction of Ryder (the exact same character as Jagger minus the club and annoying siblings), it occurred to me.
One thing that annoyed me was when Celeste said to Brandon: you must be going through a lot, and Brandon replied: you always know what to say. Celeste didn't say anything except for the obvious. They were not words of comfort, nor were they loving in any way.
There was also a lack of description of people and places.
I assume there will be more novels in the series, even though the author made the ending feel quite final.
Overall, this was a nice, simple, and easy read.