Cornerstone: Souls of the Stones (Volume 1)

Cornerstone - Kelly  Walker Rating: ★ ★ ★ 1/2

A copy of this novel was provided by All Night Reads via Net Galley.

Emariya Warren’s life has never been easy. As an infant, her mother hid her beneath floorboards to save her life; and as a child, her father was kidnapped by a neighbouring country. And her life isn’t getting any easier.

When news comes of her father, Emariya is willing to risk everything, and everyone to get him back. Knowing that marrying the prince of a neighbouring kingdom will bring her one step closer to being able to get her father back, Emariya agrees to marry Prince Torian. Little did she know that this decision would be the end of life as she knows it, and the beginning of a journey like no other.

Let me start of this review by saying I REALLY liked Cornerstone! After reading Severed Stone, a prequel novella which I wasn’t too fond of, I was a bit wary to read Cornerstone. I’m glad I picked it up, though, because I was in for a treat.

Written in the third person, Walker weaves a magical world, and every sentence feels like you are reading a storybook fairytale. Cornerstone really felt like reading a Disney princess movie in novel form. There was the evil plotter, the young ‘orphaned’ girl, the trusty best friends, the dashing prince, and even the loyal steed. That being said, Cornerstone wasn’t an immature novel in the least. It was a princess tale for young adults.

There were a lot of unexpected twists and turns in Cornerstone, and I loved that! I love guessing who to trust, and I must say that I was pretty shocked when one of the secrets was revealed towards the end of the novel. It’s pretty hard to shock me, because I am good at guessing where storylines are headed, so I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

Since the book wasn’t written in first person, it was a bit harder to get to know the characters, but I must say that I really like Torian, and I like Emariya, as well.

Emariya was a sweet character, and I warmed to her almost instantly. She very likeable, and you could understand why certain boys fell in love with her. While I didn’t like the focus on her beauty, I appreciated the descriptions given regarding her appearance. I had such a clear picture of her in my head, and I loved that.

Prince Torian comes in quite late in the novel, and there are secrets and all sorts of shenanigans surrounding him, so I don’t want to say too much in case I risk spoiling things. But I will say this – grey eyes, and black hair? I was lost to the swoon as soon as he was mentioned.

While Cornerstone wasn’t action-packed, I actually loved the pace. There was enough action to prevent boredom, but there were moments that were focussed on memories, and scenery, and I personally really liked those sections of this book. It added to the story-telling feeling I felt throughout the whole thing.

There was a case of the insta-love, but it is explained in a way that doesn’t make you annoyed. Again, I cannot say too much, but the insta-love involves magic, so it’s forgivable.

I am really excited to see where Emariya’s story is headed in Second Stone, and I have a review copy waiting for me, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I see what becomes of all these characters!

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