Wildwood Dancing

Wildwood Dancing  - Juliet Marillier Wildwood Dancing is a loose retelling of the famous fairytale The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
The five sisters of Piscul Draculi venture down into the Other Kingdom, a place of magic and danger, to dance every full moon. The sisters spend the night in blissful happiness, all except Jena. Jena is the second eldest of the sisters, and is the 'responsible' one. She worries about all her sisters, the castle, her father, money, and her frog friend, Gogu. When the girls' father travels away from Piscul Draculi in order to better his health, Jena is left in charge, along with their cousin Cesar. Being left to cope with magic, danger, romance, business, and Cesar, has left Jena slightly stressed.
The story of how I came to read Wildwood Dancing is an interesting one. I saw the book for the first time in a shop, and thought that the cover was simply divine (which it is). However, I walked away from it. For the next few weeks, every single book shop I walked into had Wildwood Dancing, and it always seemed to be right in front of me. Eventually, I caved in and bought it. And boy, was I in for a treat.
I have read this book numerous times, and love it dearly. I love Jena, and all the girls. I love Cesar (even though he can be a little overbearing and dare I say evil at times). I love Gogu (insert squeal of happiness). I love Piscul Draculi. I love Sorrow (insert another squeal). I love the magic, and the danger, and the suspense, and the epic romance. I love everything about this book, which is why I say that it is my absolute favourite.
The ending made me extremely happy. Everything about this book makes me extremely happy.
I would recommend this to almost anyone who likes fantasy, magic, love, and castles in Romania.