Book Review: Mara by Veronica Bane

Mara - Veronica Bane

I am so very glad that I had the opportunity to read Mara. This novella was intriguing, and captured my interest from the moment I started reading. I devoured it in one sitting, and could have easily kept on reading more of this story. Mara is a unique novella that truly captured the essence of a group of unusual teenagers.


Most of the novellas that I have read have been part of a series of books. Mara stands on its own two feet, and presents an amazing story in such a small number of pages. The length, in fact, had no impact on Mara’s ability to draw me in, and make me care for the characters that we were introduced to. I think Bane has managed to make a novella fan of me.


The characters in Mara were so very vivid. I loved every single one of them (well, except the ones that you weren’t meant to love, that is). I loved Mara herself best of all. She is a young girl that has suffered through so much, and yet remains so strong. I cannot help but be in awe of her. The things she has had to face in her life are just heartbreaking. My heart went out to her the entire time I was reading Mara. On the other hand, I absolutely LOVED her attitude, and her sassiness. She’s a very likeable character in my opinion. She’s not your ordinary hero, and she makes that every clear. But she still is a hero, perhaps an extraordinary one, instead.


The other characters that really spoke to me were Alex, and Miyuki. I would love to know more about Alex, as I think he might have an extremely interesting back-story to him. And Miyuki was just awesome. Her love for her grandfather was admirable, and her abilities were astounding.


I loved how the unique and unusual gifts that the teenagers in Mara possessed were presented in such a normal way. They were just there. The characters didn’t think they were special, or that they were better than anyone else. They were just kids growing up, and had an extra burden to deal with. I liked this very much. I think Bane portrayed these characters extremely well, in a relatable and believable way, even though their lives were so very different.


The one thing that I had a little trouble with was the description of the characters. Some of them I could see so clearly in my head, like Chris and Mara, but then others I couldn’t imagine quite so well. I wish these descriptions had been a little more ample, because although I adored the characters, their images weren’t as clear as their well developed attributes and characteristics.


I conducted an interview with Veronica regarding Mara, and she informed me that there will be more to this story. I am so very excited that that is the case, because I really liked Mara, and cannot wait to see where life takes this group of teenagers.


If you are looking for a unique read that will leave you wanting more, I highly recommend Mara.


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